Our Guiding Principles

Bringing Power Back to Business!


Over 90% of businesses in the world would be characterized as small and medium sized. Yet the sophisticated services, strategies and solutions that are at the cutting edge of modern business are often reserved only for the "Fortunate 500." This reality is especially true in the business disciplines and areas that are new, complex or constantly changing.


In the last 25-years, the deregulation of various services, and the development of popular disciplines has lead to ever increasing confusion, financial risk and operational exposure. Until the founding of Equis Partners, cutting edge strategies and solutions have been reserved for the "big-boys." Today, companies of all sizes can take advantage of industry expertise and solutions that are at the forefront of overhead cost reduction strategies.


Equis Partners offers organizations of all sizes the chance to apply custom strategies, to not only reduce their current overhead costs, but also to increase reliability, mitigate contractual and market risk, and be proactive with their overall business strategies.


Equis Partners understands our client's needs and we have developed long standing relationships with PREMIER service providers across North America. Our market expertise and extensive relationships enable us to bring the best solutions in the marketplace to meet your company's needs. Additionally, our influence in the marketplace allows us to provide incrementally better deals than you would be able to negotiate on your own.


Equis Partner's Core Principles


  • Independence - As your advisors, we maintain independence from third parties, especially when decisions about suppliers need to be made.
  • Objectivity - The recommendations that we make take into account all opportunities and risks.
  • Fiscal Prudence - Equis Partners applies the same "best-in-class" strategies in the operation of our business as we recommend to our clients.
  • Confidentiality - Equis Partners commits to maintaining the utmost confidentiality of our clients information and intellectual property.