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Businesses at Risk!


Businesses today face:

  • Risk resulting from high prices and market volatility.
  • Navigating a marketplace that requires complex financial strategies to mitigate market risks.
  • Timing and management strategies that are the key determinant in successful cost containment strategies.

Equis Partners, LLC is a market leader in applying proven, best-in-class strategies to our client's businesses. By applying time-tested financial and efficiency analysis, developing successful plans and implementing these programs, our client's realize reduced costs and improved profitability. Our process and track record of success is based on applying traditional risk mitigation, diversification and operational optimization strategies to our client's unique needs.


Through our specific market based expertise, we assist our clients in applying cost containment procedures to reduce their spend, mitigate market risks and improve the application of their spends in Energy, Merchant Credit Card Services, Telecommunication, Workers Comp., and Payroll Services.


Equis Partners Provides Solutions!

  • Equis Partners shops the wholesale market to get the best prices from the strongest vendors.
  • Equis Partners provides its Clients complete access to available forward markets.
  • Equis Partners provides on-going management and support for the solutions our clients choose.
  • Lower Cost: Equis Partners tailors solutions that deliver lower cost and superior risk management through innovative products & strategies, cutting edge technical analysis, and a team of experts to actively guide our clients through volatile markets.


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